ABCD of Thriving Communities

The sector for Community Resource Centres and Neighbourhood houses are constantly under threat of funding being pulled. The people that run these centres across Western Australia work so hard for their communities offering programs and connections between people. For many they are the life blood for vulnerable people in their areas, and create pathways for people to make friends and meaningful connections. We live in an era where loneliness has it epidemic proportions. All the work I do for this sector in providing photos and films, has the added bonus in knowing that it might help somebody in some small way. Without community we are poor and hollow people. So I commend all the hardworking people in this sector. They truly do incredible work.

The videos below, I produced as an internal educational resource are about the concept of ABCD - Asset Based Community Development. Which I will explain from the website https://www.abcdofthrivingcommunities.comAsset Based Community Development offers ways to help our organisations and our communities build on what's strong, not what's wrong.  It offers practical ways to engage with others around the things they care about, toward greater community wellbeing for all.’ They are two humbling stories where people care about their community and are putting in the effort to make life better for all.